Kunsen Import & Export (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
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1YRSKunsen Import & Export (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

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Kunsen Company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, and sales of LED lighting. Our main products include Outdoor Garden Lights, String Lights, Christmas Lights, pool lights, solar lights, and other decorative lights, and we have exclusive patents for multiple products.The company has advantages in supporting the industrial chain and is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise. The company's production technology, product development, and application capabilities have reached the international advanced level. The company has strengthened management in various aspects such as raw material procurement, technological innovation, equipment investment, product production, product packaging, and cargo transportation, achieving the goal of increasing production capacity at low cost while maintaining stable product quality. The company has gained recognition and support from a wide range of customers with continuously innovative technology, highly competitive prices, stable quality, and timely delivery times.
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Guangdong, China
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201 - 300 People
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Linhai Yuliang Electronic Lighting Co., Ltd
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